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Sunday, October 17, 2010

SAMPLE PROJECT REPORTS-Food, Agro Food, Processed Food, Agro Plantation, Cultivation, Farming, Dairy/Milk, Tobacco/Pan Masala, Brewery & Distillery, Edible Oils, Eou Food Products And Allied Products

Food, Agro Food, Processed Food, Agro Plantation, Cultivation, Farming, Dairy/Milk, Tobacco/Pan Masala, Brewery & Distillery, Edible Oils, Eou Food Products And Allied Products
We are engaged in offering food project reports, processed food reports, farming project report, edible oil reports, tobacco project report and various types of project reports.

Alcoholic Beverages & Venegar From Coconut Water
Alcohol Drinks From Ethyl Alcohol By Mixing Of Various Flavours
Amla Fruit Products With Preservation Tomato Sauce, Pickles Jam And Jellies
Anti Scale Compound For Adding Into Sugar Juice Boiling
Apple Juice Concentrated & Dehydrated Fruit & Vegetables
Artificial Fish Meal For Poultry Feed
Automatic Biscuit Making Plant
Automatic Bread Making Unit
Baby Cereal Food And Milk Powder
Baby Corn
Bacteria For Cane Juice
Baker’s Yeast
Bakery Industry
Banana Puree
Barley Malt
Beer & Wine
Beer Plant (Brewery)
Bidi & Cigarette
Biscuit Plant
Bread (Automatic Plant)
Black Pepper (Spices)
Bread And Biscuits
Breeding Farm
Broiler Chicken
Button Mushroom
Cultivation & Processing
Canning Of Rasagullas In Metal Cans
Caffein From Tea Waste
Canning Of Fruits & Vegetables
Casein From Milk
Casein And By-Products
Cashew Fruit Juice From Cashew Fruit Apple
Cashewnut Kernel Extraction From Cashewnut Fruit
Cashewnut Shell Liquid & Kernel Processing
Cashew Feni
Catecheu (By Chemical Process)
Cattle Feed From Tapioca
Chewing & Bubble Gum
Chicken/Sheep Meat Processing
Chocolate (Milk)
Cigarette And Beedies
Cocoa Butter From Cocoa Mass
Coconut Water (Coco Jal) - Packed
Coconut Products & By Products Process Complex
Cold/Soft Drinks
Collection Of Milk And Milk Making Powder
Collection Of Milk And Packing In Polythene Pouch (1/2 Kg.1 Kg. & 2 Kg.)
Condensed Milk (Sweetned)
Cold Storage
Confectionery Industry (Toffee & Candy, Semi-Automatic Plant)
Confectionery Unit With Toffee, Candy, Chewing Gum And Bubble Gum
Corn Flakes
Country Liquor From Molasses
Custard Powder
Dairy Farm And Dairy (Milk) Products (Pasteurised Milk, Butter, Ghee, Paneer)
Dairy Farm To Produce Milk & Packing In Pouches (50%) & Can(50%)
Dairy For Milk Processing
Dairy Farming (Buffalo)
Dairy Farming (Jersey Cow)
Dal (Pulse) Mill Unit
Dehydration Of Carrot & Garlic
Dehydration & Canning Of Fruits & Vegetables
Dehydration Of Figs
Dehydration Of Fruits And Vegetables By Vacuum Drying Method
Dehydration Of Fruits And Vegetables By Iqf Technology
Dehydrated Onions And Onion Powder
Drinking Water (Packaged)
Dry Ice By Breaking Of Air
Drying Of Red Chillies, Haldi, Dhania, And Green Peas
Egg Powder (40,000 Eggs Processing Per Day)
Export Of Processed Foods And Marine Products
Fish Canning & Pouching
Fish Farming (Prawn & Other Marine Products)
Fish Meal
Flour Mill And Mustard Oil
Flavoured Milk
Food Colour & Orasted Groundnut Gram Peas, Etc In Pouches
Frog Legs Processing
Frozen Meats Processing
Food Flavours (Whisky) Vodka, Grape, Butter Scotch)
Food Products Complex (Dehydrated Onions, Garlic Powder & Flakes, Cattle Feed, Tomato Powder, Tomato Products, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Tomato Pure, Ground Nut Oil, Refined Oil, Dehydrated Grapes Etc.
Banana Powder & Waffers)
Freeze Drying Coffee Manufacturing Unit (Processing) And Packaging In Glass Bottles
Fruit Juice, Jam, Jellies & Allied Products
Fruit Juice, Pickles Processing And Canning
Fruit Juice Making & Packing In Plastic Container/Pouches
Fruit Processing (Jam & Jellies)
Fruit Pulp & Juice Concentrates
Fruit & Vegetable Drying (Freeze Drying Method)
Ginger Oil
Ginger Paste
Ginger And Garlic Paste
Goat Farm
Goat & Sheep Farming
Gram Dall/Pulse Mill
Grape Dehydration
Hard Boiled Candy (Toffee & Candy)
Herbal Cigarettes
Honey Processing & Packaging
Honey Coated Cashewnuts, Peanuts And Other Nuts
Ice Cream Of Different Flavours
Ice Cream Stabilizer
Ice Making Plant
Icing Sugar
Indian Made Foreign Liquor (I.M.F.L)
Instant Food (Idli Mix, Dosa Mix, Gulab Jamun Mix)
Instant Food (Instant Food & Fast Food Parlour)
Instant Noodles
Instant Tea
Instant Tea From Black Tea
Integerated Starch Baking Powder/Yeast Industry
Integrated Unit Of Dairy Farming, Milk Collection And Processing, Fish Farming, Poultry Farming And Hatchery
Iodized Salt
Iodized Salt (Ordinary Moisture-Less/Free Flowing In Plastic Bags And Containers)
Jam, Jellies, Fruit Juice & Allied Products
Katha And Cutch
Khandsari Sugar
Khandsari Sugar & Imfl
Lactic Acid From White Sugar By Fermentation Process
Lactose & By Products Processing From Milk
Liquid Glucose And Its Bye Products
Macroni And Vermicilli
Malt Extraction From Barley
Mango Processing (Mango Pulp, Juice & Slices)
Mayur Brand Type Chewing Tobacco
Mineral Water
Milk Preservation & Marketing To Whole Sellers (Inpouch Packing By Uht Technology)
Milk Processing And Packaging Of Milk Products
Milk Products (Casein, Lactose, Ghee & Whey Powder)
Milk Toffee
Mini Flour Mill
Mini Sugar Plant
Misri (Pearl Sugar Candies)
Modern Rice Mill
Mustard Oil Extraction & Refining
Mutton Tallow
Namkeen Industry (Bhujia, Chana Chur Etc.)
Namkeen (Kurkure Type Snack Food
Namkeen With Kurkurre Type Snack Food
Namkeen & Sweets
Non-Basmati Rice From Paddy
Oleoresin, Essential Oil, Dyes & Powder Of Spices
Oleoresin Extraction From Diptero-Carput Turminatus And Pinus Khasyana
Oleoresin Extraction From Chilli
Pan Masala With Packing In Pouches And Tin Cans
Pan Masala, Tobacco, Zarda & Kimam
Packaged Drinking Water
Packaged Coconut Water (Coco Jal)
Paneer From Milk
Pappad Plant
Papain From Papaya (Papaya Latex)
Pectin From Mango Peel Pectin From Apple Pomace
Phyto Tea (Herbal Tea)
Pickles And Sauces
Pickles Murabba Etc. (Veg. & Non. Veg.Pickles)
Piggery Meat Process
Pine-Apple Juice Preparation & Packaging
Potato Chips/Waffers
Potato Powder
Pouch Filling & Packaging Of Edible Oil & Ghee
Poultry Feed
Processed Foods & Spices (Eou)
Processed Readymade Food
Processing Of Fruits & Vegetables
Puree, Paste, Juice And Ketchup From Khajoor (Dates)
Rabbit Farming
Rasgullas Making & Canning In Metal Cans
Ready To Eat Processed Cooked Food
Ready To Eat Retort Packed Food
Ready To Eat Snack Food (Crax, Roll & Ball Type)
Rice & Corn Flakes
Rice Noodles
Roasted/Salted/Masala,Cashew Nuts, Almonds & Peanuts
Roller Flour Mill (Atta, Suja And Maida)
Salt Licks For Cattle
Sausages Food Casing
Soft Drinks (Cold Drinks)
Soft Drinks Essences
Soft Drinks (Non Carbonated) Mango,Licchi, Pineapple Flavours Frooti Type In Tetrapack)
Softy Ice Cream Cones (Fully Automatic)
Soft/Cold Drinks (Cola, Orange, Lemon Etc. Flavours)
Soyabean Products
Soyabean Bariyan
Soya Milk & Paneer
Spices/Masala With Formulae
Spices And Namkeen (Integrated Unit)
Snack Food (Kurkure Type)
Starch & Allied Propduct From Broken Rice
Strawberry Cultivation & Processing
Sugarcane Juice Preservation
Sugar Cubes From Cane Sugar
Sugar Plant
Supari (Sweet) – Betel Nut (Synthetic)
Sweet Aroma Betel Nut
Synthetic Tallow
Tamarind Juice Powder
Tamarind Juice Concentrates
Tea & Coffee Processing & Packaging
Toffees, Golies, Candy (Hard Boiled)
Tomato Products
Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Puree And Tomato Juice (Tomato Products)
Trading Business Of Spices & Pan Masala
Tuity Fruity
Vermicilli (Including Roasted Vermicilli)
Virgin Coconut Oil
Vodka From Potatoes
Wallnut Processing
Wine, Brandy, Whisky &Champagne
Wine From Dates
Yeast From Molasses
Zarda, Kimam No. 60,90,120,160,240,300 & 400 (Tobacco)
Zarda Kimam And Tobacco
Zarda-Zafrani (Babachhaptype)


Each Detailed Project Report Contains-

INTRODUCTION : Project Mix,Uses & Applications, Quality Control Measure & Their Introduction for Attaining Required Properties Economy & Productivity Competence.

MARKET SURVEY : Market Position, Installed Capacity Production, Anticipated Demand, Present Manufacturing the Product,Imports & Exports,Estimated Demand,Demand & Supply Gap(If available),LI/IL Issued Recently.

RAW MATERIALS : Raw Material Specifications,Market Codes & Raw Material Prices, Sources Of Procurement Of Raw Materials[ Imported /Indigenous]

PROCESS OF MANUFACTURE : Manufacturing Process, Formulations, Process Flow Sheet Diagram

PLANT & MACHINERY : Range Of Machineries Required, Detailed Specifications of Machines & Equipments,Prices Of Machineries, Suppliers of Plant & Machineries

LAND & BUILDING : Total Land Area Requirement With Rates,Covered Area Break-Up With Estimated Costs Of Construction

PROJECT ECONOMICS : Land & Buildings, Plant,Machinery & Other Fixed Assets,Total Capital Investment, Working Capital Assessment, Raw Material & Consumable Stores, Staff Salaries & Wages, Utilities & Over heads,Total Cost Of Project,Sources Of Finance/Refinance,Break Even Point Determination.

ANNEXURES OF CHARTS/FINANCIAL ASPECTS : Repayment Schedule For 5 Yrs., Result Of Performance,Depreciation Chart For 5 Years, Cash Flow Statement For 5 yrs., Projected Balance Sheet, Land Man Ratio etc.  

Cost Of  The Each Sample Project By courier 1,050/INR
Cost Of  The Each Sample Project By Mail Soft Copy 1,000/INR
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